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Showroom valet is the ultimate when it comes to vehicle cleaning. The servicing will include extensive cleaning both the inside and outside. All servicing is done by hand. Lastly, showroom valet will include the cleaning and dressing up of the engine bay. This is the perfect vehicle cleaning solution if you are trying to sell a prized vehicle.





  • Pressure Wash – Pre Wash
  • Snow Foam Bodywork
  • Wheels & Arches Cleaned
  • Door and Boot Shuts Cleaned
  • Exterior Hand Wash
  • Tar Spots Removed
  • Spray Gloss Wax & Rinse
  • Leather Dry
  • Wheels Polished & Tyres Dressed
  • Exterior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned
  • Bumpers & Plastics Dressed
  • Bodywork Polished
  • Layer of finest Nano Carnauba Wax applied to paint work
  • Chrome & Metal Treated
  • Engine Bay Cleaned & Dressed


  • Interior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned
  • Windows & Mirrors treated with RainX
  • Ashtray Emptied & Litter Removed
  • Vacuum Seats, Carpet, Boot Area & Floor Mats
  • Deodorize Interior (Fogger Machine)
  • Interior Plastics & Vinyl’s Cleaned
  • Interior Plastics & Vinyl’s Dressed
  • Headlining Cleaned
  • Shampoo Seats, Carpets, Boot Area & Mats
  • If Leather Interior, Leather Cleaner & Protective Cream Applied
  • Air Condition Sanitizing






*all prices are for guide only and are subject to inspection.

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