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Mini Car Valet

Mini Valet is a collection of vehicle services. It usually includes full exterior wash, dressing of the tyres and cleaning of the wheels. Mini valet also entails interior servicing and this usually includes vacuuming of the interior, inside window polishing and dashboard cleaning. If you have more room for budget, then you can go for the full valet.






  • Pressure Wash – Pre Wash
  • Snow Foam Bodywork
  • Wheels & Arches Cleaned
  • Door and Boot Shuts Cleaned
  • Exterior Hand Wash
  • Spray Gloss Wax & Rinse
  • Leather Dry
  • Wheels Polished & Tyres Dressed
  • Exterior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned


  • Interior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned
  • Ashtray Emptied & Litter Removed
  • Vacuum Seats, Carpet
  • Minor Stains Removed
  • Boot Area & Floor Mats Interior Plastics & Vinyl’s Cleaned
  • Complementary Air Freshener




Mini Valet Prices

*all prices are for guide only and are subject to inspection.

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