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Full Car Valet

Full valet is a step up from the mini valet. This service usually includes car washing, but done by hand. Then it is finished with a polishing, also done by hand. On the interior, full valet entails full interior cleaning with the use of wet vacuum. The windows are also cleaned on both sides.






  • Pressure Wash – Pre Wash
  • Snow Foam Bodywork
  • Wheels & Arches Cleaned
  • Door and Boot Shuts Cleaned
  • Exterior Hand Wash
  • Tar Spots Removed
  • Spray Gloss Wax & Rinse
  • Leather Dry
  • Wheels Polished & Tyres Dressed
  • Exterior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned
  • Bumpers & Plastics Dressed
  • Bodywork Polished


  • Interior Windows & Mirrors Cleaned
  • Ashtray Emptied & Litter Removed
  • Vacuum Seats, Carpet, Boot Area & Floor Mats
  • Deodorise Interior (Fogger Machine)
  • Interior Plastics & Vinyl’s Cleaned
  • Interior Plastics & Vinyl’s Dressed
  • Headlining Cleaned
  • Shampoo Seats, Carpets, Boot Area & Mats
  • If Leather Interior, Leather Cleaner & Protective Cream Applied

*all prices are for guide only and are subject to inspection.

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