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 Screen Wash Topped Up
 Engine Bay Cleaned & Dressed - Essential if your selling your car
 Clay Bar Paint Cleaning - Remove Contaminants From Paint work
 Decal Removal - Stickers & Vinyl’s Removed
 Paint Sealant - Extra Gloss Protective Sealant
 Exterior Windows treated with Nano-Window Cleaner
 Nano-Wax polishing
 Machine Polishing - Removes Swirls, Fine Scratches & Restores Paint from Faded Areas i.e. Sign writing & Decals To Like New
 Interior Shampoo Washing
 Headlining Cleaning
 Dog Hair Removal
 Vomit Removal
 Urine Odour and Stain Removal
 Interior deodorizing with fogger machine(various scents available)
 Air Condition Sanitizing

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